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What to Do When You Are Experiencing Transponder Key Problems

Alpharetta LocksmithWhat to Do When You Are Experiencing Transponder Key Problems
If you are the proud owner of a new vehicle, there is a good chance that you have a transponder key. While it may seem exciting at first, the problems may come later when you are no longer able to use your key. Cars manufactured today often require transponder keys in addition to traditional keys. Auto manufacturers find it beneficial to develop cars that require this type of key because they offer a convenience that your tradition keys do not. You can start your engine and unlock your car doors without even putting the key in the door or the ignition. They are designed with a chip that communicates with a computer. There is only one chip that corresponds to your vehicle. This prevents your car from being stolen. There is a signal that is transmitted to you’re the computer, which will allow the engine to start when received. It unlocks your steering, opens your doors and can allow you to start your engine, remotely. This type of key is, undoubtedly, useful for anyone who owns one. It isn’t understandable why they are so popular. If you have ever used one, you will know exactly why so many people use them. However, be advised that with the many benefits of a transponder key, there are also some disadvantages.

Alpharetta Quick Locksmith LLC in Alpharetta, GA recommends that if you use a transponder key that you have a duplicate copy made. When you initially purchase your car, you are often offered an incentive for buying the car. If they do not offer you an additional transponder key, ask them for one. If you should happen to lose your current key, you will have to spend another fee to obtain another one. Unfortunately, this type of key doesn’t come cheap. This is why it is a good idea to try to negotiate one in the deal, if you can. We understand that this suggestion might sound strange coming from a locksmith but the reason we are mentioning this to you is because it would be in your best interest to rely on us for your transponder key if you are unable to negotiate one with the auto dealership. This is because we will offer it to you at a much more affordable rate than what you will be offered at the auto dealership. You have to understand that if you lose your key and do not have another one, the dealership is still going to charge you for a new one because they have overhead expenses to cover. We don’t have those same expenses and therefore we are able to offer you another one for a lot less.
We find it necessary to tell you that even though it is challenging to steal a car that uses a transponder key, it isn’t impossible. All they need is your key. If you lose you key or if it is cunningly taken from you, a car thief can gain access to your car. With the press of one button the thief can easily determine where your car is located and take off in it before you even realize your car has been stolen.

Losing Your Transponder Key

A transponder key is designed with much more thought and time than a standard key. This is why it will cost more to make this type of key than a traditional car key. That is why you wouldn’t want to lose it. However, when or if you do happen to lose your key, you should know what options are available to you. While you can turn to any local locksmith or go to your nearest hardware store to have a tradition key made, it takes the right tools and equipment to make a transponder key. You can request one from a dealership first to see if they are willing to offer you another one at no charge. You might have to explain that your key was lost or stolen. At this point they will also need to deactivate your existing key, in case it was stolen and not lost. If they offer you another one at a fee that is more than you wish to spend, give us a call and we are sure that we’ll be able to provide you with one at a cost that you’ll be pleased with. Whenever your keys are out of your sight you should assume that the keys have been stolen. When a new transponder key is made, we will make sure that we deactivate your current key and reprogram the new key so that no one but you are able to gain access to the car.

What To Do When Your Key No Longer Works

Nothing is perfect, not even a transponder key. Here are a couple of reasons why your key might stop working and what you can do.

Something Stuck Inside Ignition

Even if there is something small stuck in your ignition it can cause you to experience problems with using your transponder key. One of our qualified locksmiths would have to probe to find what is in the ignition, remove it and you may be able to get it going again.

Manufacturers Defect

A locksmith can determine if there is a problem with the key itself. This could be due to a manufacturer’s defect, which means it may be under warranty. If your key isn’t still under a manufacturer’s warranty, you’re in luck. They will have to replace your key.

Communication Problems

Your key communicates with a central computer. If the computer is unable to pick up the signal from your key, it will not allow your car to start. Contact one of our locksmiths to reprogram the key and get back on your way again.

The problems we have mentioned are the most common transponder key issues that we come across in our line of business. An Alpharetta locksmith may be your final solution when you experience ignition trouble.

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